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SJA ltd.

What, When, Why?

What do we do?

We help organisations assess their website and improve them. We have assisted a range of organisations in various stages of the cycle. Whatever Intranet, Website, CMS or Software issues you might have, this is what we can do to help:

  • We do the preparations if you are adding to your website, changing it or creating a new one
  • We oversee Strategy and Planning, Needs Analysis and the vision for the website
  • We will work out the appropriate functionalities and content on your website
  • We will assess where your website stands in relation to other similar websites
  • We will analyse users and find out whether they know how to use your website
  • We will investigate users’ expectations and experience in using your website
  • We will assist you in coming up with new ideas and implementations on your website
  • We will provide you with advice on how to make a website accessible for disabled users

When should you use our services?

As a web consultancy we specialise in providing the perfect solution every step of the way in your web development cycle. Our services can be applied when:

  • You are creating a new website from scratch
  • You have a new site structure to apply to your website
  • You have a new look/design to apply to your website
  • You want a clear vision for the website
  • You want to know what users really think about your website
  • You want to know what the target user groups think about your website
  • You want to ensure your website is user friendly
  • You want to ensure your website meets standards for accessibility
  • You are in need of new and fresh ideas for your website
  • You don’t have the time to do it all by yourself

Why should you use our services?

You should use our services because:

  • We are experts in our field
  • We have the experience, whatever the project. We have done it before, many times
  • We are totally independent. We do not sell any software or products, we have your best interests at heart
  • We will get things right for you
  • We will help you reach your goal
  • For saving money, good preparation is invaluable
  • To gain insight into users’ satisfaction levels
  • For a clear view of your website’s status, accompanied by a report which is easy to digest and includes clear recommendations
  • For real results you can apply and use when making decisions about your website

Do you need a new website or do you need improvements to your old one?
Check out the following services: Focus Groups and Needs Analysis.

Are you uncertain which web solution is appropriate for your organisation?
Check out how SJA can help you decide on Choosing a CMS (Content Management System) to best suit your needs.

Do you want to know how users fare when using your website?
Read more about the appropriate services Usability Testing and Expert Analysis.

Is your website successful?
Read more about Usability Testing og Expert Analysis.

Do you want to know how your website stands compared to your competitors?
Learn more about Quick Web Review and Competitive Analysis.

Do you need assistance in updating your website regularly?
We provide Webmaster for hire.

Are you not confident about the changes about to be made to the website? Is it difficult to harmonise the needs of users, colleagues and designers?

Checkout our services for: Focus Groups and Needs Analysis.

Is your website accessible to all users? Disabled users as well?
Read more about our Accessibility Audits in collaboration with the Association for the Disabled in Iceland (OBI).

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Of interest
SJA is behind Kaupthing bank’s Intranet, voted as one of the 10 best Intranets of 2009 by Jakob Nielsen.
Accessibility, should we care?

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