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Usability Testing

What is Usability Testing?

When doing usability testing, users are selected by criteria to match the target user group. They are provided with real-life tasks to solve on the website. The tasks have been carefully constructed to best reflect the functionality and content on the website. Our usability experts monitor the users carefully without interfering.
One user at a time will solve tasks on the website and by using this method we can gather important information about the website, its functionality, any potential problem areas and how it can better suit the needs of users. Users are provided with pre- and post test questionnaires for a better understanding of their expectations and experience when using the website. Usability testing provides a clear understanding of where serious problems arise when using the website. It is also an important aspect of any design, re-design or development of websites and systems.

Why Usability Testing?

It is extremely useful watching users ‘in action’ since their experience of using a website is often very different from what was expected at the onset of the study. Often users have a very different understanding of certain elements and functionalities of a website to designers and developers or anyone responsible for that website. By doing usability testing with real users, you can meet users’ needs and thereby increase traffic and popularity of the website. A user friendly and accessible website is far more likely to be used than one which is not.
Monitoring how users interact with the system provides more accurate and reliable information than that obtained from user questionnaires.

When to use Usability Testing?

  • At every stage of a design, re-design or development of systems, software and websites
  • Usability testing is an effective method for discovering problem areas on most websites


  • Report with detailed analysis of the outcome of the study
  • The report is easy to read with several images and diagrams explaining the findings in details
  • A task list detailing all issues identified with clear recommendations
  • An evaluation for next steps of development
Screen shot of a report with graphs Screen shot of a report with comments

Clients who have used this service:

Banks, financial organisations, airline companies, municipalities, as well as a broad range of public institutions.

Project Scope:

The usability tests can be tailor made to meet your needs. We can provide short one-day tests with rough and ready results. A standard usability test with a detailed report can be provided within two weeks.

For more information please contact us at or call us on +354-5113110.
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