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SJA ltd.

The Team


Jóhanna Símonardóttir, FramkvæmdastjóriExecutive Manager – Chief Consultant
Johanna is one of the founders of SJA. She has an MSc in Anthropology from LSE (London School of Economics) and a BA in Anthropology and Spanish from the University of Iceland. Johanna has extensive experience in the field of web interface and analysis providing consultancy and working as a project manager for several years. She has done extensive research in user experience and usability of the Web as well as user interface of both websites and systems.
Johanna speaks fluent Spanish and was in the travel business before focusing on her current business. For several years she was the head of tour leaders in Spain for Icelandair.


Áslaug Friðriksdóttir, ráðgjafi Specialist in User Interface testing and Needs Analysis – Chief consultant
Aslaug is one of the founders of SJA. She graduated 1995 with an MSc in Occupational Psychology from The University of Hertfordshire, England. Aslaug also has a BA in Psychology from the University of Iceland. One realm of the occupational psychologist is the interaction between humans and computers, something to which she has applied her expertise. Before founding SJA, Aslaug worked as a project manager for a large web design agency, where she took part in the development and building of many of the first Icelandic websites. In the years 1996-2000, Aslaug was a departmental expert within the Ministry of Social Affairs where she handled data and information gathering and statistical analysis, as well as issues relating to disabled citizens and municipal social services.
Aslaug has extensive experience in project management, strategy and planning, usability testing and audits for systems and software


Sigrun Þorsteinsdottir, Specialist in Accessibility issues on the Web. ConsultantSpecialist in Accessibility issues on the Web. Senior Consultant.
Sigrun graduated from the University of Westminster in 2002 with an MA in Interactive Design. She also holds a BA in Psychology from The University of Iceland and a BA in Printmaking (Fine Art) from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. Sigrun has worked on several international projects and audits for some of the world’s largest corporations. Her work includes audits on corporate sites, legal firms, banks, online newspapers and government sites. She is currently working closely with the Icelandic Organization for the disabled as well as the Government to promote and work towards better accessibility of websites. Sigrun has been a speaker at several conferences, has held seminars and has published articles on web accessibility issues. Sigrun has for the past 5 years lived in London, working for a multinational user research company. Sigrun is a GAWDS (Guild of Accessible Web Designers).


Sigrún Harðardóttir, Sérfræðingur í prófunum og þarfagreininguSpecialist in User Interface testing and Needs Analysis
Sigrun has MPhil and MSc degrees in social anthropology from the London School of Economics and a BA in the same subject from the University of Iceland. Before joining SJA, she worked at the Tavistock Institute in London on project and policy evaluation for the public sector and the European Commission, on issues including ICT, health, regional policy and community regeneration. Alongside her graduate studies she worked at the London School of Economics Centre for Civil Society as a research assistant and as a tour guide in Iceland. Sigrun spent three years in China learning Mandarin Chinese and doing fieldwork in a village in southwest China for her MPhil thesis.
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Of interest
SJA is behind Kaupthing bank’s Intranet, voted as one of the 10 best Intranets of 2009 by Jakob Nielsen.
Accessibility, should we care?

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