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SJA ltd.


We put pride in making our website as accessible as possible for all users. We truly believe that an accessible website is not only more accessible but a user friendlier website as well. What we have done to accomplish this on our website includes:

  • Buttons to adjust font size (the buttons in the top right corner (A).
  • You can also choose to view the website with a different font and background colour i.e. light font on dark background.
  • A ‘jump to content’ link has been provided for users with screen readers.
  • We have provided a tool designed for users with dyslexia or low vision in mind where you can change the colours and size of the font, font type, spacing between words, letters and lines and more. The service is called My settings.
  • All images and image links have clear ALT texts. All decorative images have been marked up as empty i.e. alt=“” or where appropriate marked up in CSS.
  • All ALT texts should be clear and meaningful so that all users can enjoy their content and meaning.
  • The website is designed with needs of screen readers users in mind.
  • Users with mobility impairments do not need to use the mouse since they are able to TAB through the website if they wish to do so.
  • All link names should be terse and meaningful and provide a clear indication of the destination of the link.
  • All acronyms and abbreviations have been marked up or explained fully.
  • File types of attachments have been clearly indicated along with their sizes.
  • All functions have been explained clearly (for example search, filling in forms).
  • The website’s content is in html as much as possible. Where we do provide PDF documents, these are provided in format accessible to most screen readers.
  • The website functions without Javascripts (apart from the font size and screen size adjustments).
  • The website renders well in all major browsers.
  • A glossary/index is provided for complex words and terms.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility on our website, please send us an email to or call us on + 354 511 3110 and we will try our very best to solve what ever issue you might have.

Of interest
SJA is behind Kaupthing bank’s Intranet, voted as one of the 10 best Intranets of 2009 by Jakob Nielsen.
Accessibility, should we care?

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