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Accessibility Audits

What is Accessibility on the Web?

Accessibility on the Web refers to whether a website is accessible to all users regardless of technical limitations or disability. In recent years there has been a growing awareness of accessibility issues. There are several reasons why a website should be accessible to all users. It is good to keep in mind that an accessible website is not only useful for disabled users but for all users.

Why Accessibility on the Web?

Apart from the obvious ethical reasons, financial and even legislative reasons must be considered. Disabled users are not only people in wheelchairs or blind people. There are several other users who have limited ability to use the Web such as users with dyslexia, impaired mobility, deaf and hard of hearing users, users with impaired eyesight, the elderly, users with cognitive impairments, epilepsy, impaired colour vision etc. Some users are temporarily disabled due to an accident or illness. Keep the following points in mind when considering accessibility on the Web:

  • 10-12% of every population has some form of disability
  • More than 90% of websites are not fully accessible to disabled peope
  • Disabled users have even greater need for information and services provided on the Web than other users
  • An accessible website also has carry-over benefits for other users
  • In some countries (Australia, United States and United Kingdom) it is against the law to provide a website with inaccessible information and functionalities.

When to apply Accessibility on the Web?

You should consider accessibility when:

  • You are unsure whether your website is inaccessible to disabled users
  • You have had negative feedback or comments from disabled users about your website
  • You want to make sure your content, services and information (e.g. PDF documents, adverts etc) are getting through to all users including disabled users
  • You want to make sure your website is not potentially illegal
  • You want to make sure your website is not falling behind your competitors’ websites
  • You are updating your old website
  • You are re-launching your website or creating a new website


Accessibility Audit with SJA/OBI (Organisation of the Disabled in Iceland) certification

Selected pages are audited and after the client’s improvements the website is thoroughly examined and then certified accessible.

  • Our expert analyses the website in detail with needs of disabled users in mind
  • Selected pages are examined with the use of assistive technology such as screen readers
  • The html code is reviewed in detail by hand (no automotive tools). Any issues which might impede the use of the website are noted
  • A detailed report is delivered with comments and recommendations
  • The client receives handy guidelines on how to maintain an accessible website
  • The Certification process begins
  • A close collaboration between SJA’s expert and the client considering solutions, problem areas, all tailored to the need of the client
  • The website is certified by SJA and OBI (Organisation of the Disabled in Iceland)

Accessibility Review (without certification)

5-10 page review

  • The review provides a good overview on where the website is positioned in terms of disabled users
  • The review is excellent for those who do not go all the way and receive a certification but still want to make the website more accessible

The review can be applied at any stage in the development of a website, from the first sketches to a fully launched website and at every point in between.

Screen shot of aan accessibility report displaying comments Screen shot of an accessibility report displaying the Lynx text only browser

Clients who have used this service:

Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, government organizations, municipalities and private organizations.

Project Scope:

Accessibility Audit: The scope is largely dependent on the size of the website. The scope will be estimated and SJA will provide a proposal accordingly. The average time frame for an average sized website is around 2 weeks from an audit to a delivered report.

Accessibility Review: Very quick turnaround. Usually performed on five to ten pages of the website and can be applied at any stage i.e. on first drafts or a fully launched website. The average time frame for a review is one day.

For more information please contact us at or call us on +354-5113110.
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